Girl swimming in poolOnce your pool is installed, get set for many summers of fun! Regular maintenance will ensure the fun lasts as long as you own your pool. The following tips will help keep your pool operational and problem-free:

  • Always make sure your pool contains adequate water: ideally reaching the halfway mark of the skimmer opening, but never higher than the 2/3 mark.
  • Clean your water regularly with a chemical treatment to destroy algae and bacteria. Test your water and adjust the degree of acidity in your pool, keeping it between 7.2 and 7.8. Adjust the concentration of disinfectant once a week if using stabilized chlorine tabs or once a day for liquid chlorine or calcium hypo.
  • Make sure your water is free of debris and solid matter. Filter your water for 9-12 hours every day, depending on the structure's filtration capacity and the water temperature. Your Garden Leisure dealer will be able to give you specific filtration recommendations.
  • Use an automatic cleaner to remove debris at the bottom of the pool.