boy swimming with noodleAbout half of the pools in North America are above ground pools - and they're growing in popularity! That's because above ground pools are built to last, with a variety of liner and wall designs to suit every taste. They also deliver a lot more summer fun for your dollar than inground pools!

There are other advantages, as well. Above ground pools are more flexible and convenient than inground pools, and feature most of the same technologically advanced options. Lighting, add-ons, cleaners - above ground accessories can meet practically any need!

Above ground pools are also installation-friendly and low-maintenance, meaning that they're easy to put up - and if you ever change your mind, easily removed.

So if you're thinking about an above ground pool, make sure you take some important elements into consideration. How much space do you have in your yard, and how much space do you want your pool (with all the trimmings) to occupy?

Your local Garden Leisure dealer can help with these and any other questions you may have. Use our zip code powered locator to find a dealer near you.